Self Hypnosis for Self Love

Self Hypnosis for Self Love

Greetings, Evan Beau Community!

My name is Kimberly Ann O’Connor and I am a certified consulting hypnotist located in Toronto, Ontario. For over a decade I have been using the power of hypnotic trance to serve fellow human beings and I have learned a few things over the years. One of the most potent lessons I have been made privy to time and time again is this…the conversations we have with ourselves about ourselves shape our experience of life intimately and arguably, completely. Hypnosis creates communion between your conscious desire (for example…wanting to see yourself with loving eyes as you honour, enjoy and appreciate your face and body) and unconscious truths (for example… the deeply held beliefs about beauty standards that can have us evaluate our reflection in the mirror harshly and joylessly) and as a professional hypnotist I have continued to be amazed by the power of trance to update our perceptions and self talk positively. I want to share a secret with you; all hypnosis is self hypnosis. We are all equipped with the power to update limiting beliefs and be set free from harsh self evaluation and judgment. 

The following evening self hypnosis ritual is so simple it may be tempting to overlook its impact and influence but with time and commitment you will cultivate such a beautiful relationship with yourself, body, mind and spirit. I suggest using the mantra "I am enough" to begin. Really any word or short phrase that resonates with you will do but 'I am enough' is an incredible foundation to begin your self hypnosis journey. 

Each night as you prepare for sleep in bed incorporate this beautiful ritual to continually attract ever growing confidence, resilience and self love. This is a tool that gets richer with time and practice so commitment and repetition is imperative. 

  1. Lay comfortably on your back and make any adjustments you need to make to be as comfortable as possible. Ensure you aren’t hungry, thirsty, wearing clothes that are too tight or needing to go to the washroom. 
  2. Use a slow mental scan from the top of your head down to the soles of your feet and relax one part of your body at a time. Think “I relax my head now. I relax my face now. I relax my neck now. I relax my shoulders now…” and so on until you reach your feet and toes. As you relax from your head to your feet, be mindful, patient and attentive. Do not move to the next section of your body until you feel deep release on the current part. 
  3. Once you have relaxed your body imagine in your mind’s eye that you are standing at the top of a staircase and there are 10 steps down. Imagine that with each step down your relaxation doubles and you drift deeper into trance. In your minds eye count down from 10 to 1 as you imagine descending the staircase. 
  4. Begin repeating the simple phrase “I am enough.” 
  5. Repeat this phrase for as long as possible before your mind will inevitably wander or you will drift off into a deep sleep. 

Trust the process and power of self hypnosis. As time goes on you will find you go deeper into trance faster. You will be drawn to use new mantras such as "I am beautiful inside and out" or "I love, honour and respect myself'." The experience of hypnosis will feel gentle and special with many people reporting feelings of numbness, tingling, heaviness, lightness or feeling comfortably out of body. 

If you want to take your relationship with hypnosis further to break a stubborn habit, find strength and comfort or become more authentically yourself please take a look at my website and book a complimentary consultation with me. You can also visit my YouTube channel Consulting Hypnosis to experience mini trance sessions and gain a richer insight. I wish you every joy and blessing as you explore and get intimately acquainted with your power. 

Kimberly Ann O'Connor 


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