About Us

DON’T SAY WE ARE ‘just a beauty brand’. We know beauty runs deeper than our skin, that it comes from within, and without. True beauty radiates strongest from human happiness and freedom. Our Childhood is the foundation of these human rights, and our shared future.
That’s why $1 from every product sold on Evanbeau.com goes directly to the children One Body Village Canada seeks to help, to end child trafficking in our lifetime. BETTER BEAUTY FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE.


We are inspired by the perfect intelligence within our own skin. Rather than create formulations to change the nature of the skin, Evan Beau synergizes ancient botanical wisdom with 21st-century technology to activate the skin’s own healing and beautifying potentials, without controversial ingredients such as animal ingredients, fillers, toxins, parabens, phthalates, fragrances, or synthetic preservatives.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

Nelson Mandela

Our botanically-rich skincare and tinted foundations are carefully produced in North America. Our perfectly balanced, multi-tasking formulas aim to support the skin structure at any age, and while all ingredients are 100% naturally-derived, we have used the power of safe science to harness and protect the integrity of these natural ingredients until they reach your perfect face.

Our serums’ unique composition utilizes the power of a liposomal delivery system to direct potent botanical derivatives deep into your skin, where it can effect positive change and support. Our creamy, light coverage foundations work overtime to firm and hydrate the look of skin, protecting the purity of its ingredients in their patented glass airless pump packaging.

We also champion other brands’ beautiful, clean offerings. All products are vetted for their ingredient safety, user experience, and company policies.


I have always had a love of makeup and skincare, for me they made my world feel limitless and creative. I knew that somehow it was my vehicle to make life as beautiful for others. I took my first course at the age of 16, and continued to train as a makeup artist while I undertook a degree in another passion--anthropology; I was and still am fascinated with our ancient human origins, who and why we ‘are’.

It may seem like anthropology and beauty are polar opposites, but beauty has everything to do with the eye of its beholder - their learned set of values and beliefs.

Beauty to me today is being part of an evolution in natural, intelligent botanicals that function in harmony with the skin, our own consciousness, and within the world around us.

I named Evan Beau after my firstborn son, one of my now two children who remind me every day how incredibly wise, pure, and perfect we are. I couldn’t in good conscience launch my cosmetics line that was based upon this purity, love, and harmony, without radiating it far and wide–

I am honoured to share Evan Beau with you, and proud to create a community of consumers making a difference in the world we live in. Click here to learn where Evan Beau is donating $1 from every product sold.

Love, Lauren