The Perfect Sunscreen

The Perfect Sunscreen
The Perfect Sunscreen

Like a favourite mascara, the perfect shade of red lipstick or pair of jeans, the quest for the best facial sunscreen has been a meandering journey for me over the past 20 years. From the fear of anything not declared “oil-free” in my 20’s (but alas not afraid of too much tanning!), to concerns over maximum sun protection and hyperpigmentation prevention in my 30’s, and now approaching my 40’s, my needs (and misplaced fears) have been massaged into harmonizing balance; to find an everyday formula with much needed hydration, but not greasy, with an SPF rating of at least 30 that blends easily without that familiar natural-sunscreen white cast, in a mineral formula with no chemical UV filters or nano particles and contains reef-safe ingredients (afterall, I wouldn’t want to bite the deep-sea microalgae/hand that feeds our incredible Essential Regenerating serums!)

Paradise Found

Enter fellow Canadian brand Consonant Skin+Care’s aptly named The Perfect Sunscreen. It delivers on each of these criterion, and imparts an ever-so-subtle glow to the skin, ideal for bare-faced beauties and those wishing to have a protective and hydrating base for their makeup. It is now proudly offered next to Evan Beau’s own cell-regenerating serums, which by action of revealing fresh skin cells each morning do require the use of a protective sunscreen in the daytime.

If you aren’t already aware of the benefits of a mineral/physical sunscreen, allow me to offer the cliffs notes (I never used those, did you?):

Super-Safe Ingredients

Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, regarded as the safest of all physical or chemical UV blocks (featured in The Perfect Sunscreen) , actually reflect and block the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. In functional opposition, the chemical actives, in traditional commercial sunscreens, absorb the light rays and are intended to dissipate them on the skin, which can lead to irritation and possibly increased damage to skin cells.

Physical blocks aren’t absorbed into the bloodstream in any significant quantities, whereas some chemical counterparts can be seen in excessive amounts in the bloodstream after just one application (let alone reapplication every couple of hours!). A safety profile has yet to be conclusively determined on these products as a result of this effect.

The addition of mica and iron oxide particles (what foundation makeup uses to create skin colour, and also is in The Perfect Sunscreen) into a mineral formula protects against harmful photo-aging blue light rays (emitted by computer and cell phone screens, LED lighting and compact fluorescent lighting---all of which we encounter in abundance). The mica also happens to impart the formula with a very subtle skin glow, and the low concentration of iron oxides minimize the whitening effect of the physical blocks (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide).

In Summary

My rule of thumb for beauty products has always been that a product must be effective with minimal to no compromise of performance and results, but must be proven safe for my skin and internal body (yes, the skin absorbs some of most everything into the bloodstream). I am therefore thoroughly satisfied with the fruits of my sunscreen quest, and you will be too!

Lauren, Founder of EVAN BEAU