The Most Important Plant in the World
The results of many clinical trials proved that this particular micro-algae is the strongest anti-oxidant in the market. This micro-algae nourishes and transforms at a cellular level for quick turnovers and cell renewals. Due to the unique Nano-encapsulation technology delivery system implemented in the EVAN BEAU formulations, this incredible active ingredient releases bio-organic enzymes in a way that energizes hydration, boosts collagen, and activates cell regrowth deep within the nucleus — bringing beautiful new life to the skin and body.
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Staycation Face
Me, dining on vacation in Italy circa 2011 B.C (Before Children)This is not a deep dive into the plethora of scientific studies that back up the notion that our physical wellbeing is intrinsically linked to our mental health, including our...
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What’s Our Gripe with Ageing?
The beauty and wellness space is finally seeing a surge in age-positivity. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. But what does this actually look like? Models over the ripe-old age of 40, Instagram accounts dedicated to letting grey hair grow...
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